We invite you to explore this site to learn how the cultivation of mindfulness can transform your life.

The cultivation of mindfulness helps us live fully in the  present moment without constantly clinging to the past or habitually worrying about the future.  We know that the past is over and the future does not yet exist. The present moment is the only real moment we truly have to live our lives.

Yet in this day and age, it becomes more difficult to stay in the present moment.  Thankfully, we can cultivate mindfulness by  dedicating time to nurture ourselves through the practice of mindfulness.

As our level of mindfulness grows we begin to feel at peace and a sense of liberation from our thoughts and emotions that used to bind us.

Mindfulness kindly and gently embraces all of life experiences as they unfold in the present moment,  whether we perceive those experiences as desirable or undesirable. Mindfulness helps us become our true compassionate selves that we always have been.

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