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Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason With Pema Chodron – Part 2

Somnieng’s New Role

We were graced by the presence in our Community of the Venerable Somnieng, a Buddhist monk from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Somineg was with us for 2 1/2 years and largely developed the foundation for our Mindfulness Community, using Thich Nhat Hanh’s translation of Buddhism into Western mindfulness practice.

Somnieng is beginning the transition, at age 36, from the monkhood towards an unknown secular role in his homeland. He has a singular commitment to working for and providing an articulate voice for the poor and vulnerable, especially the orphan children. He shares their roots and early life experience. And he full of joy and unceasing smiles.

Somnieng is courageously embarking on an uncertain and unmarked journey. He sends us greetings as his good friends. May we travel the path, mindfully, with Somnieng, and share the merit of our Community practice with him and the vulnerable poor.

Mindfulness practice at Kim Cang Buddhist Temple 2 – 4 PM Saturday, April 18th

Once a month, the nuns of the Kim Cang Temple offer an afternoon of mindfulness practice for us. This is an opportunity to practice mindfulness in a monastic setting. The nuns practice mindfulness moment by moment. Since mindfulness has been developed over thousands of years by monastics, this is a chance to experience the joyful and nourishing roots of our practice.

Su co Nguyen, the head sister, will offer a Dharma talk in English, after the rounds of sitting and walking meditation. And there will be time for group sharing of our personal reflections. At 4 pm you are invited to join the sisters for social time, tea, and, if we are lucky, a delicious Vietnamese treat. You are welcome to bring a dish to share, as well.


Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason With Pema Chodron – Part 1