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The Breath’s Essence is the Essence of the Stars

From Steve:

We often hear the phrase “body, mind, spirit”.  Many teachers of Dharma,  and a whole industry of holistic wellness, remind us to reconnect into a deep relationship with these three elements alive in us.  As practitioners ofmindfulness, we rediscover awareness of the penetrating grace of our bodies, as they grow, mature and decline.  And we develop the skill of awareness of the luminescent clarity hidden in the mind, the tarnishing clouds of habit energies and the transitory nature of thoughts, feelings, judgments and expectations.  The word “spirit”, though, is a bit mysterious and evokes many teachings flowing in many directions.

Words sometimes get lost and need to be resurrected.  One characteristic of our practice is its precision.  And it is helpful to come to a precise meaning of key words that inform our practice.  Spirit comes from the Latin root word spiritus – breath.  For many ancients, breath was the life force inhabiting the body. Today we still know the breath is essential from the moment after birth until the moment of our passing.  Will you permit me to introduce more clarity by saying “body, mind, breath”?

I remember my mother’s final six breaths – a heartache lesson in impermanence.  Where the breath comes from and where it goes, remains a mystery.  There is no present moment without it, making awareness of the breath a sublime anchor for our practice.  The breath is existentially personal and it has a cosmic connection.  The essence of the stars is the essence of the breath.

Final Wednesday night meditation tonight

From Barry:

Announcing: Schedule change for Wednesday evening meditation. For various reasons, tonight is the last time this session will be meeting in the foreseeable future. Sorry for the short notice! Thursday and Friday sessions continue as usual.  Namaste!

'Video' Post | By on September 4, 2014