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From Steve:

Charlie Day is the lead teacher of the Des Moines mindfulness community.  Recently, during a day of mindfulness retreat, Charlie said the trick is finding the preciousness of our most serene, focused moments , finding that same preciousness in our everyday lives.  Finding the sacred in the mundane.  ” After ecstasy, the laundry”, quips Jack Kornfeld.

Here is a short passage from Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind:  But our approach is just to be concentrated on a simple basic practice and a simple basic understanding of life.  There should be no traces in our activity.  We should not attach to some fancy ideas or to some beautiful things [or luminous experiences].  We should not seek for something good. The truth is always near at hand, within your reach.

In the mindfulness traditions we do not seek to transcend or illuminate.  Our practice is to be present to what is already here.  It is no more complicated than the flow of our breath.  When we leave no trace of our self, our ego, our judgments, we find jewels scattered all around.  That is Charlie’s trick.  It takes a lifetime of practice and only a moment.