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A Visit With Somnieng

From Steve:

Many of you know Somnieng Hoeurn, the Cambodian Buddhist monk who lived in the Quad Cities for 2 1/2 years, while studying at St. Ambrose. I was in Boston for my son, Bryan’s wedding and spent Sunday afternoon with Somnieng.  We met at Harvard Square and then a tour of the Kennedy School of Government.  Somnieng is in the Masters program for a year.  Even in the diverse crowds of Cambridge, his orange robes and shaved head stand out. 
His commitment to the disadvanaged in Cambodia is strong and more mature.  He spent the last year making high contacts in the Cambodian government to garner support for the projects in Siem Reap and built a solid staff for Life and Hope Association.  Many charities there are run by foreign nationals.  Somnieng is a home grown dynamo for at-risk children and youths. 
Recently he spoke on the Voice of America in Kymer language, fielding questions from his countrymen.  When asked how he will use his Harvard Masters, he said “When one works for his own welfare, then he benefits.  When one works for the welfare of the nation, then all Cambodians benefit.”  The quote was diseminated widely in the Cambodian press. 
Somnieng is a great example of engaged mindfulness.  We practice not just for ourselves.  He was a catalyst for our mindfulness community in the Quad Cities.  His practice inspires and challenges.
Somnieng sends his warm smile and his greetings to each of us.   
Beginners welcome    Cushions & chairs provided
Siting Meditation                                             Walking Meditation 
Deep Listening/Mindful Speaking                      Sharing the Merit of Our Practice
Group meets at Davenport School of Yoga, 421 Brady Street in Davenport.  Third floor of Hiberian Hall, above the antique store.   Stairs involved.  Weekly group mindfulness practice since 2005.
Group meets at the Yoga School’s Bettendorf location.  3420 Towne Point Drive, Bettendorf,  IA.  Take Devil’s Glen north from Middle Road, past the HyVee.  Proceed on Devil’s Glen past the stoplight at Belmont.  Go north one more block and turn right.  The School is located just west and north of the Fareway Grocery. 
Prairie Oaks is meditation and retreat center on a 20 acre tree farm.  Mindfulness meditation is offered at 4 pm on Fridays.  This is out in the country behind LeClaire, west of Territorial Road.  You will need directions.  Call Joyce at 289-3292.   
SUNDAY GROUP:         
Sundays 3-5 pm at the home of Vasu and Girija Ramashan in Moline.  Call 309-721-9142 for details.


QC Meditation will be hosting our annual Day of Mindfulness on January, 12 2013
at the Chapel Gathering Space at St. Ambrose University.