Things are not as they seem, nor are they otherwise

From Steve:

The koan appears unfathomable. The famous oak table we can knock our knuckle on – solid – is almost entirely empty space. Our perceptions are useful (we can unflinchingly enjoy breakfast seated at the oak table) and unreliable. There is unobserved spaciousness all around us.

The thoughts, feelings and perceptions awash in our minds can seem like a solid stream. Recalling the stout oak table, the mind, too, is almost entirely spaciousness. It just appears crammed with thoughts. Aware and attentive, clarity settles in and we find expansive, abundant peacefulness as the mountain valley in which our stream of thoughts runs.

We have the habit energy of acquiring the truth, fortifying and differentiating our selves. Things are not as they seem – spacious and not solid. Nor are things otherwise. There is no solid truth to hold on to, not even spaciousness.

To look deeply is first to let go of our notion of perceiving and knowing. A devastating loss?

Announcing: “Even-Steven Wednesdays”

Dear Sangha,

Effective immediately, Wednesday evening meditation will meet only on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.  Hence the phrase “Even-Steven Wednesdays.”  Get it??

Thus, there will be no meditation practice this Wednesday.  We will meet the following Wednesday, according to this new schedule.  So, just remember ”Even-Steven Wednesdays”, and you will know what Wednesdays we are meeting. We are still convening at the Davenport School of Yoga, 7:15pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!



Join us for a Day of Mindfulness in the Country

Join us for a Day of Mindfulness in the Country

Where: LeClaire, Iowa
When: Saturday, May 17th, 10AM-3PM with a social hour of desserts and tea afterwards
What to bring:
* Please bring a vegetarian or vegan main dish to share for our “pot-karma” lunch.

  • Wear comfortable clothes for indoor sitting meditations and bring outdoor shoes, hat and jacket as needed for the outdoor walking meditation in the woods. RSVP by Wednesday, May 14th. For directions and questions, call Joyce @ 563-381-7525 or Leslie @ 563-505-8798
  • Sponsored by Prairie Oaks Sangha & Quad City Medita-tion.

download a flyer here


We invite you to explore this site to learn how the cultivation of mindfulness can transform your life.

The cultivation of mindfulness helps us live fully in the  present moment without constantly clinging to the past or habitually worrying about the future.  We know that the past is over and the future does not yet exist. The present moment is the only real moment we truly have to live our lives.

Yet in this day and age, it becomes more difficult to stay in the present moment.  Thankfully, we can cultivate mindfulness by  dedicating time to nurture ourselves through the practice of mindfulness.

As our level of mindfulness grows we begin to feel at peace and a sense of liberation from our thoughts and emotions that used to bind us.

Mindfulness kindly and gently embraces all of life experiences as they unfold in the present moment,  whether we perceive those experiences as desirable or undesirable. Mindfulness helps us become our true compassionate selves that we always have been.

Tara Brach Meditation and Dharma Talk Audio files

Tomorrow is the last day of a class on mindfulness that we coordinated through the Quad Cities area CommUniversity. We experimented with different meditation techniques and listened to guided meditations by several prominent National teachers. We really enjoyed listening to Tara Brach and we would like to share a link to an online repository of some of her talks and guided meditations. Click below. Enjoy!

Tara Brach: Audio and Video Teaching Talks, Guided Meditations, and Podcasts

Register for our Communiversity Class on Mindfulness Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
February 2014

4 Sundays in February 2-4 pm.

Led by Steve Spring and Leslie Ross of the Quad Cities Mindfulness Community (meditationqc.org)

TO ENROLL: go to communiversity.org to register for course #31

Course outline:
Mindful movement

Introduce the week’s practice: 1) mindfulness of breath, 2) loving kindness – metta, 3) walking meditation, 4) insight /noting

Guided meditation 10 minutes


Silent meditation 15 minutes

Break: walking mindfully and use of noble silence

Mindful sharing and deep listening

Guest leader 30 minutes

Feb. 2nd: Jeani Mackenzie, Davenport School of Yoga – embodied practice/body scan
Feb 9th: Jay Wolin, Unitarian Church – mindful breathing
Feb 16th: Catherine Cleary, St. Mary’s Monastery – centering prayer
Feb 23th: Joyce Singh, Prairie Oak Sangha – mindful eating

Suggestions and aids for practice during the week

Closing and sharing the merit
Cushions, mats and chairs will be available

Communiversity requests that you register before January 15th, if possible.